From vine to your cellar

Our cultural practicses

The love of winegrowing and chablisian soils permits us to obtain the best fruit.
In order to obtain a high quality grape, ripe and healthy, the vines are pruned on “Guyot simple” or “Guyot double”, fasten and went down. Then, there are debbuded to preserve an aired vegetation. That preserve also an healthy climate with the least humidity. The conflict against mildiou, oidium and botrytis starts in the vineyard. Firstly, this is a prophylactic work: we conserve an aired, so vegetation. We practice a chemical conflict against the most dangerous: mildiou, oidium and botrytis. The green harvesting is realised into cut the bad grapes and control our yealds. We don’t apply insecticides. For the respect of our terroirs, we prefer work our soils by some ploughing during all the season. That permits us to air the soils . The plans can assimilate more easily the oligo-elements for a good maturation.